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We are broadly experienced in tackling Oncology billing challenges head-on while you can accelerate your potential toward effective patient care.

We get closer to the current challenges of Oncology Coding, enhancing operations to aid coders and oncologists, eventually rendering higher revenue, higher productivity, and better patient care.

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Industry Facts:

Knowing the Difference Matters

Is your Oncology billing taking a hard toll on your Oncology practice?

With recent developments in the ever-expanding field of Cancer, Oncologists treating patients diagnosed with Leukemia, Lymphoma, Mesothelioma, Multiple Myeloma, and other cancers need to be presented with thorough and error-free billing to ensure the accuracy of their payments and refunds.

Oncology Certified Billers and Coders make it possible by providing thorough paperwork of the entire treatment and diagnosis process, which will naturally enhance your ability to gain reimbursements.

We guarantee a thorough Oncology billing and coding service while you continue to align with the needs of the practice and patient care in the dynamic healthcare industry.

We are ready to reveal our multi-step ahead prediction capability when you get stuck with the below Oncology billing challenges:

What BillingMD360 Solves?

  • Inadequate verification of Health Insurance.
    Lack of update on change in payer’s status if a patient has multiple insurance policies — Coordination of Benefits (COB).
    Replacement plans.
    Failure to verify the provider’s contract or issues in contract with insurance.
    Absence of referrals being mentioned in the bill.
    Failure to obtain authorizations in advance based on the patient’s schedule in a timely and efficient manner.
    Getting an authorization for invalid drug units/dosages and non-prescribed drugs. (Failure to report drug wastage and omitting required information.)

BillingMD360 tracks specific Oncology Coding and Billing issues you may encounter:

  • Charge entry errors, possibly human errors.
    Failure in billing relevant HCPCS level III codes.
    Usage of irrelevant ICD-10 codes.
    Adapting to new ICD-10 and HCPCS code amendments based on yearly updates.

Clasp your hands with us to pick a viable solution for overcoming your intricate challenges of Oncology billing.

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