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Over 250 Healthcare Providers have been leveraging our 9 AAPC Certifications to facilitate Patient Care. Yes, we are a group of Certified Professional Medical Coders, Billers, Auditors, Credentialing Experts, and Medical Scribes. Our team of Healthcare Solution Professionals has a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 20 years of expertise in the Healthcare Solution Industry. We comply with HIPAA guidelines.

  • Medical Coding
    Medical Billing, & RCM
    Medical Coding Audit
    Virtual Medical Scribe
    Medical Transcription
    Insurance Credentialing
    Chronic Care Management
    Remote Patient Monitoring

We started off as Transcriptionists for Doctors in 2006. We had a great opportunity to work at the clinics, which helped us to understand the effort that the doctors put to provide the best patient care and yield claim reimbursement.

The providers we worked with, appreciated our accuracy in Transcription and made us understand more about the specifics in Medical Coding, Billing, Auditing, and Revenue Cycle Management. As we got further into the process, we looked to how we could better assist our doctors and make a difference, from other Medical Billing and Coding, RCM companies.

We now have 9 AAPC Certifications

We leverage our AAPC Certifications to assist,
  • Healthcare providers
    Mental Health Providers
    Home Health Agencies

on their Documentation, Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement needs.

We often get appreciated as we go after the high-hanging fruits meticulously. Yes, our doctors are happy with us as we always approach 360-degree view and not just the bottom line. In doing so, it has allowed us to retain our clients over the years.

At BillingMD360, our continued goal is to ensure peace of mind for our clients, knowing that they can work providing high patient care to more patients in a day, while we work on their financial health.

Continuing Education System: CES

  • Healthcare providers
    Mental Health Providers
    Home Health Agencies

MGMAStat found that only 44.38% of Physicians' Offices use Certified Coders. 29.96% of Providers do the Coding themselves. Many Providers are having challenges in staying abreast of ongoing payer requirements, including Coding, Billing, and OIG/CMS Guidelines. BillingMD360's 9 AAPC Certifications guide the clients to meet the regulations with ease. Under our CES (Continuing Education System) program, our Certified Coders attend Coding/Billing-related Events and Conferences and actively participate in AAPC Forums.

It allows our clients the freedom to go about their daily practice lives and eliminates the need for them to be concerned about any

Coding/Billing Challenges that a payer may present.

BillingMD360's Analytics360 to Track & Fix Reimbursement Challenges:

Survey says that on average of

  • 15% of Claims get Denied.
    More than 66% of Providers do not have a proper tool in place to Track and Fix Denials.

Our 15-year expertise and 9 AAPC Certifications helped us understand the intricacies of Claim Denials and fix certain denials once for all.

What Analytics360 got for doctors?

  • It can Track & Categorize every Denial, by Denial Code along with Reason by Payor by Root-cause - Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    can set Denial Fixing Strategies (DFS)
    can set 24-48 hour TAT to fix Denials
  • can fix certain Denials permanently
    can self-learn upon every Denial Solution derived
    15 different KPIs.

Client References

There is no better way to know us, than by speaking with our Clients. Our Clients are our best reference! They can tell you first hand, the positive effort we put behind managing Medical Coding, Billing & Revenue Cycle effectively. Please click here to get our Clients’ contact info...

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Why BillingMD360?

AAPC Certified Professionals

9 Certifications

100% Coding Audit

For Faster Reimbusement

95% Within 2 to 4



High Transparency Via Analytics360 Tool

Our Unique

AAPC Certifications


Certified Risk Adjustment Coder


Certified Professional Coder


Certified Coding Specialist


Certified Professional Biller


Certified Professional Medical Auditor


Medical Coding Certified Professional Coder-Payer


Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner


Certified Physician Practice Manager