Research says that a 4-minute encounter with a patient takes 12 minutes for a Healthcare Provider to document the charts in the EHR

By leveraging our Virtual Medical Scribes our HealthCare Providers are seeing one additional patient an hour and saves two hours per day of chart documentation in the EHR.

This means you can see 5 to 7 additional patients a day and obtain $7,040 to $9,856 additional reimbursement per month.

  • Live Documentation of patient charts, which includes HPI, ROS, P/E, etc.
    Capturing of ICD/CPT codes
    Capturing eRx
    Ordering Labs.
    To shorten Revenue Cycle.
    Updating Lab Report to the Charts.
    Processing Referral Letters and Operative Notes
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How can Physicians get benefited?

Our dedicated Virtual Medical Scribe service let’s physicians to,

  • Enhance the environment of care for patients.
    Improve the quality of Patient Care
    Have more time to focus on patients

Why Medical Coding, Billing, and MIPS Consultation company for Virtual Medical Scribing?

BillingMD360 leverages its Certified Clinical Documentation Specialists and Certified Professional Medical Coders for capturing/documenting every required criteria to,

  • get credit for MIPS & other programs.
    Get higher Insurance Reimbursement by accurate and complete documentation

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