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Revenue Cycle Audit in the USA

Recent research on Healthcare Claim Denial says,

  • 60% Of Lost Or Denied Claims Will Never Be Resubmitted
    20% Of All Claims Are Denied
    18% Of Claims Will Never Be Collected
    Reworking Each Claim Costs Your Practice Approximately $25.20

Find out how BillingMD360 has expertly performed Revenue Cycle Gap Analysis Audit and resolved this Problem for numerous Practices.

BillingMD360's Revenue Cycle Gap Analysis Audit helps you to figure out the root cause of Revenue Loss and helps you resolve certain causes once for all.

BillingMD360 performs Revenue Cycle Gap Analysis Audit for the Healthcare Providers in the USA and this Audit will help your practice Uncover the following Gaps in your Practice’s Revenue Cycle:

Revenue Cycle Audit in usa

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  • Revenue Lost due to Billing errors and how they can be recovered
    Revenue Lost due to Coding errors and how they can be recovered
    Clinical Documentation, Coding, and Medical Billing Audit
    KPI Reports Benchmarked with MGMA:
  • Avg. Claim Transfer Days vs Avg. AR Day
    Payment Velocity
    Avg. Reimbursement vs Avg. Charge per Visit
    Gross Collection Ratio
    Top Billed vs Paid vs Denied CPTs
    AR Analysis - Insurance & Pt Benchmarked with HFMA & MGMA standard
    RVU Based Provider Productivity & Performance Analysis

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