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BillingMD360 is one of the very few Medical Billing Companies in the USA that hold 9 different AAPC Certifications. We at BillingMD360 leverage our Medical Coding, Billing, and Documentation certificates to guarantee that 95% of your primary insurance claims collections within 2 to 6 weeks of submission.

If for some reason, any claims are not paid, then BillingMD360 will reduce the monthly rate for those claims which were not paid within 2 to 6 weeks of submission. Not many US Medical Billing Companies guarantee the Collection Rate

We guarantee this with confidence, as we closely monitor the high hanging fruit, in addition to the low hanging fruit, on your Accounts Receivable. This makes us a leading Medical Billing Company in New Jersey.

It is very easy for any Medical Billing Company in the USA to come in and go after easy money that has been left on the table, but it takes knowledge and finesse, to understand a Payer’s Reimbursement Guidelines and apply that specific to your practice. What makes BillingMD360 standout, is that we apply all of this knowledge and leverage our Certifications to the RCM process to attain superior results.

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Client References: There is no better way to know us, than by speaking with our Clients. Our Clients are our best references! They can tell you first hand, the positive effort we put behind managing Medical Coding, Billing & Revenue Cycle effectively. We are one of the credible Revenue Cycle Management companies in the USA serving our clients for more than a decade.

Industry Facts:

MGMAStat found that only 44.38% of Physicians’ Offices use Certified Coders. 29.96% of Providers do the Coding themselves and not audited.

Many Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management companies in the USA have challenges staying abreast of the ever-changing payer reimbursement guidelines and mandatory requirements. Some of these include:

  • Coding Guidelines
    Billing Guidelines
    OIG/CMS Compliance

Best Practices are to have AAPC/AHIMA Certified Coders/Auditors in-house, but it can be costly for a practice to do so.

What Makes BillingMD360 Different From Other Billing Companies?

We are one of the few very few Medical Billing companies in New Jersey that follows billing rules and regulations meticulously. Under our CES (Continuing Education System) program, our Certified Coders attend Coding/Billing-related Events and Conferences and actively participate in AAPC/AHIMA Forums.

It allows our clients the freedom to go about their daily practice lives and eliminates the need for them to be concerned about any Coding/Billing/Auditing/Compliance Challenges that a payer may present. There is a wide list of Medical Billing companies in the USA, but our accuracy and service make us stand out from the crowd.

RCM Tools MBS Utilizes to Minimize Payer Reimbursement Challenges:

The Surveys are in and on average, 15% of Claims are Denied. More than 66% of Medical Billing Companies do not have the proper staff or tools in place to Track and Correct/Appeal Denials.

We have over 15+ years of Medical Coding, Billing & Auditing experience, which has helped us understand the intricacies of Claim Denials that payers often present to the providers who treat their members. This often leads to significant revenue loss, as many back offices, do not have adequate staff with experience who can follow up and appeal denied claims.

Being an independent Revenue Cycle Management in the USA, we have developed a tool called Analytics360, which has significantly reduced these ongoing payer reimbursement issues, which does the following: Track, Categorize, Strategize, Correct & Learn (TCSCL).

  • It can Track & Categorize every Denial,
    by Denial Code along with Reason
    by Source
    by Root-cause based on Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    It sets Denial Addressing Strategies (DAS)
    It sets 24-48 hour TAT to fix Denials
    It can fix many Denials permanently
    It can self-learn once a Denial Solution has been derived

Analytics360 goes beyond the basics and also is able to assist Physicians with tracking 15 different KPIs.

25 +
250 +
15 +
16 +

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