Get more accurate risk scores for a patient from all face-to-face visits

Complete coding of all documented diagnoses is absolutely necessary! Hence, we discover relevant HCCs and enhance RAF scores for the Medical Centers' patient base.

hcc validation service

BillingMD360's HCC Validation of pre- & post-encounter services assist medical facilities in improving patient care by ensuring that appropriate treatment plans are in place for each patient. We feel that clarity is required for full reimbursement. Furthermore, the capacity to document with better precision can have a significant influence on payment amounts.

Inadequate supporting paperwork for HCC medicare codes puts healthcare providers at risk of lower reimbursements, audits, and financial penalties. BillingMD360 gives clinicians’ and coders’ confidence that patients' ICD-10 HCC diagnoses are properly and comprehensively reported.

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What are the Benefits Gained?

You'll always get a detailed solution that meets your requirements after we understand your requirements and goals. You can significantly benefit from our risk adjustment HCC coding solutions and get the most out of your investment.

Increased RAF score for the patients -
Achieve the actual reimbursement from CMS -
Enhanced care that the patients deserve -
Receive exact reimbursement from year to year for relative costs of care

See how we support progressing patient care by having appropriate care plans for every patient's journey.

What We Solve? -

  • Auditing and analyzing all ICD-10 HCC diagnoses
    Validating diagnostic codes against MEAT criteria
    Lowering the possibility of expensive audits and penalties.
    Increasing payments from risk adjustment contracts through accurate supporting documentation submission.
    Maintaining compliance with HCC reporting requirements.
    Demonstrate that patients' conditions are evaluated, monitored, and treated during face-to-face encounters.
HCC diagnoses

How We Work?

Here in BillingMD360, our health risk adjustment coders function based on the below task:

  • Pre-encounter
    Our CRC coders review the medical files of forthcoming scheduled patients from previous years to detect missed opportunities using the HCC approach.
    We notify clinicians of missed opportunities, allowing them to better arrange treatment for patients at their upcoming encounter.
    Failure to verify the provider’s contract or issues in contract with insurance.
  • Post-encounter
    Our CRC and CPC coders audit the medical charts of patients encountered by providers to ensure that they have offered a treatment plan for previously missed opportunities.
    We recommend ICD/CPT changes, if any, through communication with physicians within the EHR system.

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